Fast and cost-effective product recall prevention for the pharmaceutical industry

X-ray showing contaminant in pharmaceutical cream

Pharmaceutical and medical products are subject to a growing list of quality concerns and compliance requirements.

The industry is under increasing pressure to protect consumers as well as brand reputation while continuing to maintain profitability.

The most effective method of Quality Assurance

AIS’ pharmaceutical inspection service can quickly and accurately detect contaminants, missing items or manufacturing faults in almost any pharmaceutical product.

Our x-ray inspection systems use the most advanced technology available. They can be configured to find sub-millimetre stainless steel fragments within product itself and many forms of packaging, or detect an incomplete box of tablets within a case of items.

While-you-wait evaluation

When an incident occurs, AIS will provide an immediate response and evaluation.

Our service is always confidential and our highly trained technicians will put your product safely back on the market as fast as possible.

Typical examples of what our pharmaceutical inspection service can detect and resolve:

  • The ability to “look inside” without unpacking or disassembling the goods
  • Missing tablets in blister packs
  • Missing instruction leaflet or components in packaged goods
  • Incorrectly assembled medical devices or incomplete packs
  • Small metal fragments, even in items containing metal parts
  • Small glass fragments within packaging including glass containers
  • Contaminated medical dressings or items trapped in security seals
  • Ensure continuity of quality standards when a CCP has failed

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