Specialist food x-ray inspection to detect contaminants, manufacturing faults and quality issues – without unpacking the goods.

X-ray for food inspection to detect contaminant
Our advanced x-ray inspection equipment can detect foreign body contaminants within virtually any food or drink product and all forms of packaging, including metal detection in foil and glass packaging or canned food.

This x-ray technology, coupled with the knowledge and experience of our technicians, makes AIS’ food inspection services the most reliable in the industry. Our food x-ray inspection equipment is suitable for all shapes and sizes of product and can be customised to your requirements:

  • To detect very small or extremely small contaminants such as shards of glass, metal or stone fragments in food
  • Inspect a single item or a whole case, often without unpacking it
  • Perform quality checks such as fill level verification and component counts
  • Provide accurate Fat Analysis and CL measurement in meat products
  • To detect damaged goods and container faults

We also offer facilities for shrink-wrapped food, conventional metal detection and re-labelling.

Food x-ray inspection is highly cost effective for routine quality checks as well as managing a potential food recall crisis. It offers reliable inspection of almost any food product, putting it back into distribution quickly and safely with no adverse effect on its quality.

AIS is ISO accredited to help food manufacturers and suppliers achieve regulatory compliance including HACCP and TACCP.

For further information please contact us or request a free sample inspection. All enquiries are treated with absolute confidence.

X-ray inspection of food is acknowledged by the European Food Information Council to be “an important part of quality control”, with advances in technology offering the industry’s most reliable detection capabilities.

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