Food x-ray inspection to detect contaminants and quality issues – without unpacking the goods

X-ray for food inspection to detect contaminant

AIS’ food x-ray inspection services are the most reliable in the industry

Our advanced inspection equipment can detect foreign body contaminants within virtually any food or drink product and all forms of packaging. It can be customised to inspect all shapes and sizes of product and simultaneously detect manufacturing faults, quality issues and contaminants:

Glass Packaging

Detect glass container faults and glass contaminants in food – within all types, shapes and sizes of packaging.

Canned Food

Detect metal and many other contaminants within canned food – without removing the cans from the cases.

Foil & Composite Packaging

X-ray food in sachets and foil trays to detect contaminants and quality issues – even if the product is frozen.

Bakery Products

Rapid detection of contaminants and quality issues in bakery, confectionery and un-packaged food products.

Fat Analysis

Accurate chemical lean (CL) analysis to help deliver maximum food quality to meat producers and processors.

AIS’ food x-ray inspection services are highly cost effective for routine quality checks as well as managing a potential food recall crisis. We offer reliable inspection of almost any food product, to put it back into distribution quickly and safely with no adverse effect on its quality. Find out more in our “How safe is X-ray Inspection?” article.

ISO accredited to help food manufacturers and suppliers achieve regulatory compliance including HACCP and TACCP

For further information please contact us or request a free sample inspection. All enquiries are treated with absolute confidence.