AIS in the Press

AIS in the Press

AIS is proud to include several press features published in print and on the web, regarding the launch of our two new scanners.

British Baker article snip

British Baker (July 2018)

PDF (2.4MB)

AIS [introduce the] Micron Scan, an ultra high resolution sensor… to detect metal as small as 0.2mm and glass at 1.0mm…

IFMT article snip

International Food & Meat Topics (August 2018)

PDF (325KB)

Following [AIS’] success in providing fat/lean analysis on 25kg cartons, it has extended its x-ray offering…

Food & Drink International article snip

Food & Drink International (August 2018)

PDF (450KB)

The AIS X-Ray Micron Scan [is] an ultra-high-resolution sensor x-ray system for preventing product recalls…

Food Packer & Processor article snip

Food Packer & Processor (September/October 2018)

PDF (105KB)

[AIS] provides a product recall prevention service to food processors and manufacturers…

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AIS were the first product inspection services provider in Europe to achieve ISO accreditation and we are still the largest, with the widest range of specialist inspection equipment in the UK.

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    In The Press FAQs

    Is AIS on social media?

    Is AIS on social media?

    “You won’t find us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube”.

    We maintain a professional company profile on LinkedIn where we share industry and technology news and information that may assist businesses with compliance or potential recall incidents.

    We will never “tag” or publicly identify our clients or contacts on social media, or any other digital marketing, without their explicit consent.

    Does AIS guarantee confidentiality?

     Does AIS guarantee confidentiality?

    Yes we do.

    We will never share any information regarding our clients or our projects, whether current or historical, regarding an enquiry, initial evaluation or continued inspection services.

    Furthermore, information gathered via our website is handled in complete confidence; all traffic statistics generated are anonymous and we store no personal details.

    Please read our Privacy Policy.

    Does AIS have a confidentiality agreement?

    Does AIS have a confidentiality agreement?

    Yes, we have our standard bi-lateral non-disclosure agreement and will consider any reasonable confidentiality agreement from a customer.