X-ray inspection equipment and food metal detectors for hire at your own premises

X-ray inspection equipment to hire

X-ray equipment hire can solve an immediate or short-term requirement for contaminant detection or quality inspection, or allow you to trial the suitability of an x-ray solution in your own production line.

AIS’ x-ray inspection equipment is customisable (prior to rental) to a broad range of food inspection and contamination issues as well as manufacturing faults and packaging defects.

The inspection systems and food metal detectors are available to hire on flexible contract periods – saving resources spent on product transportation and storage whilst offering speed and flexibility when time is of the essence.

Our x-ray equipment incorporates the latest high resolution silicon arrays and medical imaging sensors to deliver a higher level of x-ray detection performance than your on-line equipment can provide.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and can often help manufacturers to achieve the regulatory and retailer requirements for contamination and recall incidents under their own roof.

Hire the AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan – with a resolution 15 times more powerful than a standard food inspection system.

To find out more about our x-ray equipment for hire, please contact us.

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