X-Ray Inspection Equipment For Hire

X-ray inspection equipment and food metal detectors for hire

X-ray inspection equipment available to hire

X-ray equipment hire can solve an immediate or short-term requirement for contaminant detection or quality inspection, or allow you to trial the suitability of an x-ray solution in your own production line.

High resolution x-ray inspection equipment hire

Our x-ray equipment incorporates the latest high resolution silicon arrays and medical imaging sensors to deliver a higher level of x-ray detection performance than your on-line equipment can provide.

AIS’ x-ray inspection systems and food metal detectors are available to hire at your own premises, including the powerful AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan.

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AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan

The Ultra Scan offers a resolution 15 times more powerful than a standard system and can be installed at your premises on a short-term basis.

X-ray equipement customised to requirements

The equipment is customisable (prior to rental) to a broad range of food inspection and contamination issues as well as manufacturing faults and packaging defects.

It may be possible to inspect items in a case or carton format, depending on the quality issue or contaminant and the size / homogeneity of the product itself.

“Look inside”

Without unpacking or disassembling the goods

Powerful detection

Glass, stone, bone and even metal within metal

Flexible contract periods

We offer flexible contract periods to allow you to save resources spent on product transportation and storage whilst offering speed and flexibility when time is of the essence.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and can often help manufacturers to achieve the regulatory and retailer requirements for contamination and recall incidents under their own roof.

To find out more about our x-ray equipment for hire, please see the FAQs below or contact us via the enquiry form.

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    X-Ray Equipment Hire FAQs

    Are there health & safety requirements for hiring AIS’ machines?

    At our own premises, AIS have ISO accreditation to meet food and product safety standards including HACCP, TACCP, GFSI & GMP. We can therefore assist you in meeting health & safety and regulatory requirements and enabling your users to operate the hired equipment safely and correctly.

    Can the new scanners operate on-line or near-line?

    Ultra-high resolution sensors cannot match the high speeds used on modern production lines.

    The AIS X-Ray Micron Scan is designed to operate off-line and be operated by AIS’ expert staff to achieve its optimum accuracy.

    The AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan can be deployed at near-line and off-line locations.

    How are the machines set up?

    All systems consist of a conveyor cabinet and x-ray generator plus high powered PC and software for x-ray detection and image processing.

    To take full advantage of the higher resolution, the image processing hardware and software must be able to handle the data rate that the detectors produce. The hardware and software within the Micron Scan and Ultra Scan are optimised to handle these high data rates.

    How reliable are the inspection techniques?

    AIS has many years’ of experience in providing specialist x-ray inspection services. We are ISO accredited to help you achieve compliance for potential recall incidents, HACCP and TACCP.

    Over 95% of our business is repeat business from long term clients, mainly within the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

    Reliability can differ due to many factors. We will always give a clear and honest appraisal of what is achievable and be prepared to demonstrate that to you at any time.

    Request a Free Sample Inspection for AIS to evaluate your product and problem.

    Is there a risk in passing food products through an x-ray system?

    X-ray inspection which delivers a dose of less than 0.5 Gy to food products is permitted under EU Directive 1999/2/EC.

    The dose received by a product passing through an x-ray system is extremely low, typically for an x-ray linescan system it is less than 0.2 milli-Gy.

    For more detailed information please visit this European Food Information Council article, or see: “How safe is X-ray Inspection?

    White Papers

    Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership for X-ray Inspection Equipment

    Thiss white paper is designed to help manufacturers to understand the longer-term benefits of installing x-ray inspection equipment and the importance of calculating the potential savings of such an investment.

    For many companies, the customised inspection service provided by AIS will offer a better value alternative for quality assurance and the prevention of product recalls, and we will be happy to provide you unbiased aid in this assessment.

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