Quick and efficient x-ray inspection to detect contaminants and quality issues in bakery products and un-packaged food.



Bakery and confectionery products share many common quality issues with other food groups, however there are certain incidents that are specific to this type of food manufacture.

Our food x-ray inspection facilities are highly suited to detecting metal and other contaminants in food products and confectionery, whether packaged or provided as single items.

X-ray inspection is both fast and accurate, which allows us to offer a rapid turnaround on food items – including chocolate, “long life” bakery products (such as muesli bars) and frozen “bake in store” products – to put your product safely back into distribution quicker than any other company.

We are also ISO accredited to help with quality inspection, HACCP and TACCP compliance requirements, or crisis services should a potential food recall problem occur.

The customisable x-ray equipment at AIS means we are able to simultaneously provide the following x-ray inspection services for bakery and confectionery products:

  • Recover the smallest stainless steel sieve wire fragments
  • Easily detect metal contaminants, mineral stones and glass in food products and packaging
  • Carry out product agglomerate detection in coated cereal products
  • Recover under-filled pies and missing components in multi-pack food products
  • Ensure continuity of quality standards when on-line equipment has failed


AIS can offer a higher level of food inspection than your on-line equipment can provide, for both packaged and non-packaged bakery and confectionery products.

Please contact us in absolute confidence to find out more.