Ensure maximum consumer safety and absolute confidentiality to protect your brand

confidential xray inspection service

A product recall may irretrievably damage your brands’ reputation, which is why we are on-hand to offer a fast, confidential and extremely reliable product inspection service.

Product Recall Experts

Our crisis services are designed for product and food recall incidents. A stringent safety management system is crucial, especially within the food manufacturing and processing industry, and AIS is ISO accredited to help you achieve the governmental and retailer requirements of food contamination and recall incidents including HACCP and TACCP.

Established in 1998, AIS offers the widest range of specialist x-ray inspection equipment which can be customised to solve virtually any quality or contamination problem.

AIS was the first product inspection service provider in Europe to achieve ISO 9001 in 1999.

All our product inspection equipment is maintained to the highest standard and the ongoing investment in our technology – coupled with the intensive training of our technicians – ensures that AIS will put your product back into distribution faster than any other company, whilst delivering maximum product safety and quality.

Training & Experience

In a crisis situation, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your product recall is being managed by the best in the industry.

We aim to answer all your questions efficiently and succinctly without bombarding you with technical jargon. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will ensure the x-ray equipment is operated to achieve the best sensitivity, accuracy and reliability, delivering the highest level of contamination detection performance available.


Our top priority is to protect your brand’s integrity when you need it most.

AIS understands the need for absolute confidentiality should a potential recall incident occur and we will never share any information regarding our clients or our projects.

“You won’t find us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube”.

Connect with us on LinkedIn where we share industry and technology news and information that may assist your business with compliance or potential recall incidents.

Furthermore, information gathered via our website is handled in complete confidence; all traffic statistics generated are anonymous and we store no personal details.


We aim to deliver a comprehensive inspection service at the very best price.

Our service is fast, efficient and cost-effective for all food and products.

Our experienced team will deal with all enquiries quickly and efficiently and the initial evaluation process we offer is immediate, free and absolutely confidential.

Trial our Free Sample Inspection service, to ensure you are prepared for unexpected events that may lead to customer complaints or a product recall.

Green Credentials and Sustainability

Our x-ray inspection service can help manufacturers to avoid waste by allowing safe products to be released, only destroying contaminated or faulty goods.

All packaging material removed during the process of inspection is recycled including shrink wrap, cartons, glass packaging and cans.

We always try to help the environment where possible, including sourcing sustainable suppliers.

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We will be happy to answer any questions regarding our services and equipment.