AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan

The AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan is 15x more powerful than a standard food inspection system

High resolution x-ray of contaminant in meat product

The AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan offers a resolution 15 times more powerful than a standard food inspection system1.

Powerful Detection Capabilities

The x-ray scanner (although not as powerful as the new Micron Scan) uses advanced contaminant detection technology capable of detecting metal fragments of 0.4mm and a large range of non-metallic substances as low as 1.2 mm:

  • Glass, stone and calcified bone fragments
  • Specific rubbers and plastics such as PTFE

The new scanner is typically deployed at near-line and off-line locations, as ultra-high resolution sensors cannot match the high speeds used on production lines.

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Available to hire

The Ultra Scan can be installed on a short-term lease at your manufacturing facility to provide a much higher level of detection than your on-line equipment.

For the ultimate level of sensitivity and detection performance, find out more about our newest and most powerful scanner, the Micron Scan.

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AIS X-Ray Micron Scan

The superior Micron Scan offers a resolution 225 times more powerful than a standard food inspection system, available only at AIS.

  1. The following resolution can be achieved in a 15cm x 15cm product sample:
    Typical food inspection system – 140,000 data points
    AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan – 600,000 data points
    AIS X-Ray Micron Scan – 9,000,000 data points

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We offer a reasonably immediate appraisal of what can be achieved with your product or particular container. Simply send a sample of your product for inspection, or call us – we can often evaluate the issue on the phone.

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    AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan FAQs

    How do AIS’ new scanners compare with on-line equipment?

    The main differentiator is the resolution achieved with the use of advanced linear sensors:

    Standard x-ray inspection equipment for the food industry typically records 140,000 data points in a 15 x 15cm product.

    AIS X-Ray Micron Scan achieves a resolution of 9,000,000 data points in the same sample. This additional resolution ensures detection of incredibly small foreign bodies and is much less sensitive to the orientation and location of the contaminant within the product.

    AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan offers a resolution of 600,000 data points in the same sample of 15 x 15cm (achieving detection of contaminants as small as 0.4mm metal / 1.2 mm non-metallic substances).

    Is the x-ray equipment for hire?

    Can I hire x-ray inspection equipment?

    Yes, some of our customisable x-ray inspection systems and metal detectors are available to rent at your premises. These can be hired, subject to availability, on flexible contract periods – usually for an immediate or short term requirement.

    Find out more about X-Ray Inspection Equipment Hire.

    Can the new scanners operate on-line or near-line?

    Can the new AIS X-Ray scanners operate on-line or near- line?

    Ultra-high resolution sensors cannot match the high speeds used on modern production lines.

    The AIS X-Ray Micron Scan is designed to operate off-line and be operated by AIS’ expert staff to achieve its optimum accuracy.

    The AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan can be deployed at near-line and off-line locations.

    How are the machines set up?

    How are the x-ray inspection machines set up?

    All systems consist of a conveyor cabinet and x-ray generator plus high powered PC and software for x-ray detection and image processing.

    To take full advantage of the higher resolution, the image processing hardware and software must be able to handle the data rate that the detectors produce. The hardware and software within the Micron Scan and Ultra Scan are optimised to handle these high data rates.

    What is AIS’ Free Sample Inspection?

    What is our Free Sample Inspection?

    Our Free Sample Inspection service offers a no obligation evaluation of what is achievable for your product and problem. Simply complete the form here and send a sample of your product for inspection at AIS’ premises.

    This initial evaluation is reasonably immediate, confidential and free and we will always provide an honest appraisal of what is possible. All enquiries are treated as 100% confidential.

    You can also call us – we can often evaluate the issue on the phone.