Reliable and confidential toys inspection, to help protect consumers and your brand

Teddy bear depicting toy safety testing and inspection

A toy recall that poses a threat to child safety could potentially destroy your brands’ reputation.

AIS understand that the toys and games industry must follow the highest safety standards at all times, which is why we are on-hand to offer a fast, accurate and cost-effective toy safety testing and inspection service.

Accurate, fast and confidential inspection

Our x-ray inspection systems can be configured to accurately detect foreign objects, quality issues and missing or broken components in a variety of toys, games and novelty goods.

Toy inspection is available at any stage of potential product recovery, and in most instances, it is not necessary to unpack the goods to detect faulty items.

Our toy inspection and safety testing service often involves:

  • The ability to “look inside” without unpacking or disassembling the goods
  • Detection of broken needles or dangerous metal fragments
  • Foreign body detection in incorrectly filled soft toys
  • Incorrectly fitted, broken or missing internal parts

Avoid costly toy recalls

AIS’ highly trained and experienced team can help you prepare for the unexpected as well as provide a rapid response to potential toy recalls.

We offer a simple per-unit fee for routine inspection and immediate while-you-wait evaluations should an incident occur.

Request a free sample inspection or contact us in absolute confidence to find out more.