Toy Safety Testing & Inspection Services

Safety testing & X-ray inspection services for toys, games and novelty items

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Toys and games manufacturers and suppliers need a fast, reliable and confidential safety testing and x-ray inspection to protect both consumers and their brand.

A toy recall that poses a threat to child safety could potentially destroy your brands’ reputation.

Fast and cost-effective toy safety testing and x-ray inspection

X-ray inspection of toys and games offers the ability to “look inside” without unpacking or disassembling the goods.

Our high resolution x-ray inspection equipment can be configured to simultaneously detect foreign objects and quality issues in a wide variety of toys, games and novelty items, and in many forms of packaging.

We may be able to inspect the product when it is in a case or carton format, depending on the quality issue or contaminant and the size / homogeneity of the product itself.

“Look inside”

Without unpacking or disassembling the goods

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What can our toy safety testing & x-ray inspection services detect?

This means AIS’ toy safety testing and x-ray inspection services can rapidly detect and solve many common safety and quality concerns:

  • Broken needles or dangerous metal fragments
  • Foreign objects or incorrectly filled soft toys
  • Broken or missing internal parts
  • Incorrectly fitted components
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Avoid costly recalls with our x-ray toy safety testing & inspection services

X-ray toy safety testing and inspection is available at any stage of a potential recall.

AIS’ highly trained and experienced team can help you prepare for the unexpected as well as provide a rapid response to potential toy recalls.

ISO accredited

Certified to operate a Quality Management System

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Certified since 1999

Premier in Europe to achieve ISO 9001

We are ISO accredited to operate a Quality Management System for the toys and games industry.

Ensure toy quality and safety

Our toy x-ray inspection service is the fastest and most accurate method to detect internal or hidden defects or metal fragments, to help you ensure child safety.

We can help you gain compliance and prepare for the unexpected with routine inspection at a simple per-unit fee.

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    Toy Safety Testing FAQs

    Can we provide testing to British Standard EN 71?

    Can we provide testing to British Standard EN 71?

    Our x-ray inspection service does not provide certification to EN 71 but we can guarantee compliance to certain parts of this British Safety Standard, offering an additional guarantee to help you ensure child safety.

    Our x-ray machines can quickly and reliably scan for internal or hidden defects within toys and games that may pose a threat to consumer safety:

    • sewing needles or metal fragments
    • other physical contaminants, down to 1.0mm*
    • missing or broken internal components
    • damaged packaging

    Please contact us for a fast and confidential assessment for your particular toys and problem.

    Find out more about our x-ray capabilities.

    What toys, games and novelty goods do we inspect?

    What toys, games and novelty goods do we inspect?

    Our comprehensive range of x-ray inspection systems is configurable to many common quality and safety issues in hundreds of children’s toys and games such as soft toys, board games and arts and crafts sets.

    We can detect missing or broken parts quickly and accurately and, in most instances, it is not necessary to unpack toys and games to detect a faulty item.

    The systems can also be customised to the specific quality issues of children’s clothes and textiles or electronic goods.

    What type and size of things can AIS detect?

    What type and size of things can AIS detect?

    As a general statement, x-ray can identify anything which has a reasonable absorption differential to the product in which it is surrounded. Typically, we detect foreign objects such as metal and glass fragments or higher density plastics and rubber compounds.

    The size of object that we can identify is influenced by the density and size of the contaminant and the product, the position of the contaminant within the pack, and the type of packaging.

    Detection of missing items and quality concerns is subject to similar factors.

    Find out more about our highest resolution scanner, the Micron Scan.

    We will always give a clear and honest appraisal of what is achievable and be prepared to demonstrate that to you at any time.

    Request a Free Sample Inspection for AIS to evaluate your product and problem.

    How long does it take to inspect the product?

    How long does it take to inspect the product?

    The inspection time is dependent on the target defect or contaminant, the product and pack size, if it can be inspected in a case or has to be stripped from the case, re-shrunk wrapped etc.

    A pallet can be as quick as 5 minutes or as long as two hours.

    Request a Free Sample Inspection for AIS to evaluate your product and the likely timescale required for your particular problem.

    You can also call us – we can often evaluate the issue on the phone.

    Is the x-ray equipment for hire?

    Can I hire x-ray inspection equipment?

    Yes, some of our customisable x-ray inspection systems and metal detectors are available to rent at your premises. These can be hired, subject to availability, on flexible contract periods – usually for an immediate or short term requirement.

    Find out more about X-Ray Inspection Equipment Hire.