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AIS’ x-ray inspection service is fast, reliable and highly cost-effective to help avoid customer complaints or a product recall. An initial evaluation of your product sample will allow us to provide an accurate appraisal of how we can help you.

In a potential crisis situation?

Call our Rapid Response Service now on 01933 674030 or fill in the form below for an urgent ‘while-you-wait’ evaluation.

Our x-ray inspection systems are remarkably accurate for contaminant detection in a vast range of foods, products and packaging types. High resolution sensors will detect even the smallest fragments of glass and metal.

The equipment can simultaneously detect quality issues such as under-fill, missing components or manufacturing faults, often without removing goods from the case.

Preparing for the unexpected?

We can offer guidance towards achieving compliance with global safety standards as well as help you prepare for unexpected events that may lead to a product recall.

The initial evaluation process we offer is always immediate* and free.

Any information you provide will be treated as highly confidential.

AIS is ISO accredited and our experienced technicians will always provide a clear and honest appraisal of what is achievable.