Micro-focus X-ray System

Our Micro-focus X-ray system can obtain incredibly high-resolution images

Micro-focus x-ray system

Advanced Inspection Services has just received the latest Nano and Micro Focus X-ray equipment. This means we can now provide microscopic x-ray images, allowing us to observe even the tiniest details of objects.

Why Choose Our Micro-focus X-ray System?

Micro-focus radiography has revolutionised detection capability, making it more reliable than conventional radiography. With focal spots that approach a point source, our Micro-focus X-ray system can obtain incredibly high-resolution images.

Applications include:

  • PCP Boards
  • Aviation components
  • Automotive parts
  • Electrical components

Quality assurance, assured

Our x-ray inspection service allows you to outsource or verify your quality assurance procedure for a challenging contaminant issue.

Potentially affected product batches can be delivered to AIS, inspected, and any safe product returned to the shelves in a very short turn-around.

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Premier in Europe to achieve ISO 9001

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We offer a reasonably immediate appraisal of what can be achieved with your product or particular container. Simply send a sample of your product for inspection, or call us – we can often evaluate the issue on the phone.

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