Product Inspection Services

Product inspection and safety testing for a wide range of products and packaging types

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AIS’ advanced inspection technology is configurable to an enormous range of product types and many potential quality and safety issues.

Our product inspection services are exceptionally reliable and our x-ray scanners are highly customisable, able to simultaneously detect manufacturing faults, missing components and physical contaminants. This makes our service cost-effective as well as fast, reliable and confidential.

AIS will help put your product back into distribution quickly and safely with no adverse effect on its quality or your brand integrity.

What product types do we inspect?

ISO accredited

Certified to operate a Quality Management System

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Certified since 1999

Premier in Europe to achieve ISO 9001

We are ISO accredited and certified to operate a Quality Management System.

How does our testing ensure product safety and quality?

AIS’ high resolution x-ray machines can be configured to rapidly identify hidden defects, manufacturing faults and physical contaminants in virtually any product.

Our product inspection service therefore provides additional assurance for product safety as well as help you to gain compliance and improve quality.

The x-ray resolution we can attain is often dependent on the density of the product and contaminant, and how the goods are packed.

Our knowledgeable team can provide an immediate assessment of the suitability of your product and problem, and manage a product recall crisis should the need arise.

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AIS’ product x-ray inspection services can also help you prepare for the unexpected with routine quality checks, often provided at a simple per-unit cost.

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Product Inspection FAQs

What type of product safety testing can we provide?

AIS provide product safety testing via x-ray inspection, which is restricted to the capabilities of x-ray -detecting foreign materials rather than testing for toxic materials.

Our product inspection service can ensure there are no harmful foreign bodies and broken or missing components that could compromise safety, in either the product or its packaging. This is a service, most often carried out at the end of the manufacturing process, that will also improve product quality and assist you in gaining compliance.

AIS is accredited for ISO 9001 (to operate a Quality Management System), which means we can help manufacturers and suppliers to meet product safety standards including HACCP, TACCP, GFSI & GMP.

Please contact us for a fast and confidential assessment for your particular product and problem.

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