Product inspection services to prevent expensive recalls and ensure compliance

X-ray for inspection of computer mouse

AIS’ product x-ray inspection is fast, accurate and cost-effective

Our inspection technology is configurable to a wide range of products and packaging types and many potential quality and safety issues. It can simultaneously detect manufacturing faults, missing components and physical contaminants – often without unpacking the goods.


Find quality and compliance issues – contaminants, missing items or packaging faults – in almost any pharmaceutical product.

Home & Personal Care

Detect problems from incorrect assembly, incomplete packs or small metal contaminants – even in metal-based packaging.


Inspection and testing including broken components or connections, metal detection and safety recalls.

Clothes & Apparel

Reliable and cost-effective inspection for lost needles or quality issues in clothing and textiles.

Toy Safety Testing

Ensure safety standards with x-ray inspection for needles in soft toys and broken or missing parts.

Industrial & NDT

Cost-effective testing and inspection for manufacturing industries.

AIS can help you prepare for the unexpected as well as provide a rapid response should a potential recall problem arise

Our specialist product inspection services will help put your product back into distribution quicker than any other inspection company whilst ensuring maximum consumer safety.

ISO accredited and certified to operate a Quality Management System

We also offer routine product inspection that can be customised to your specific problem and product, helping you to achieve regulatory compliance. Find out more: Why Choose AIS?

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business or request a free sample inspection. All enquiries are treated with absolute confidence.