Prevent expensive product recalls and ensure safety standards are met with AIS’ product inspection services.

X-ray of computer mouse


AIS’ x-ray technology is configurable to inspection of a wide range of products and packaging types and designed to detect a variety of quality and safety issues – often without unpacking the goods.

Typical applications include:

  • Detection of suspected contaminants or under-fill in pharmaceuticals
  • Detection of missing components in toys and games
  • Inspection for manufacturing faults in electrical goods
  • Inspection for damaged packaging within cases of products

AIS’ product inspection services can help you prepare for the unexpected as well as provide a rapid response should a potential recall problem arise.

Our specialist inspection service is fast, accurate and cost-effective. We can help put your product back into distribution quicker than any other inspection company whilst ensuring maximum consumer safety.

We are ISO accredited and certified to operate a Quality Management System, offering routine product inspection and safety testing to help you achieve regulatory compliance. Find out more: Why Choose AIS?

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business, or request a free sample inspection. All enquiries are treated with absolute confidence.