X-Ray Meat Fat Analysis & Chemical Lean Measurement

X-ray inspection and meat fat analysis for maximum food quality

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Fat analysis helps to deliver maximum quality to meat producers and processors who are under increasing pressure to guarantee their Chemical Lean (CL) values.

X-ray inspection combined with meat fat analysis is the fastest and most accurate method to measure the CL (fat content) of meat.

Guarantee meat CL values and prevent recalls

AIS’ specialist meat fat analysis service can improve quality and gain compliance as well as increase profit and protect brand integrity.

X-ray fat analysis provides immediate low-cost confirmation of the fat content of meat products, using industry leading DEXA technology by Eagle Product Inspection.

High resolution ‘Dual Energy’ x-ray simultaneously detects a wide range of physical contaminants including metal, glass, stone and calcified bone.

Advanced x-ray technology provides contaminant detection down to 0.2mm plus fat measurement accuracy better than +/- 1CL.

Eagle’s fat analysis technology can inspect meat and meat products when packaged in cartons and vacuum-packaged frozen blocks and provide CL analysis for each individual case – at 100% throughput.

DEXA technology

High resolution ‘Dual Energy’ x-ray

Frozen food?

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Fast and cost-effective meat x-ray inspection

Meat producers can quickly guarantee CL values as well as prevent food recall incidents – for a fraction of the cost of owning the equipment.

Whether a CCP has failed or a product batch needs to be urgently tested, AIS will provide an immediate response and assessment to solve your suspected problem.

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Achieve compliance

Food safety standards: HACCP, TACCP, GFSI & GMP

We are ISO accredited to help manufacturers and suppliers achieve regulatory compliance including HACCP and TACCP.

Ensure quality and compliance

AIS’ x-ray fat analysis service is the ideal solution should a customer query the CL values of your product or for routine meat fat analysis at a simple per-unit cost.

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    Meat Fat Analysis FAQs

    What other methods are used to measure Chemical Lean?

    Chemical Lean, a key factor in assessing food quality, is a comparison of the amount of lean meat vs fat in meat or meat products, traditionally measured from a single sample.

    Frequently used methods to measure Chemical Lean include the Soxhlet method and NIR technology, yet neither procedure is as fast and accurate as AIS’ fat analysis service.

    Our machines use Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) which can quickly measure the total fat content of a larger sample of meat, to help UK meat producers and processors to cost-efficiently gain value and achieve compliance.

    What contaminants can be detected in meat?

    Glass, metal and many non-metallic substances can be identified during x-ray inspection of meat and meat products, even if the product is frozen.

    Typical examples include calcified bone and fragments of stone, metal and glass, dependent on the product and size of unit or carton.

    What meat products do we inspect?

    AIS offer x-ray inspection of meat, often combined with meat fat analysis, for a variety of meat cuts and processed meat products including beef, pork, lamb, chicken and venison.

    We typically inspect cartons of frozen meat weighing between 25kg and 27kg.

    We offer a free and confidential assessment to guarantee the highest accuracy for your particular problem.

    Can we provide solely Fat Analysis or solely contaminant detection?

    We will be happy to provide either Fat Analysis or contamination detection for meat products as separate service. Please contact us for a Free Sample Inspection and quotation.

    Does AIS have frozen or chilled facilities?

    We regularly provide a safe, fast and effective inspection service for frozen and chilled foods, however we do not offer freezers or refrigerated storage on the premises.

    We have multiple hook up points and a large secure yard which can accommodate up to 10 refrigerated trailers.

    Working directly from the trailers, each pallet is removed it is temperature monitored throughout the inspection process and then immediately returned to the trailer (or a spare trailer which is then replaced on the next load). A full trailer can usually be inspected and turned round in a few hours.

    We regularly inspect chilled and frozen food for well-known brands and this has proven to be the most efficient method.

    How long does it take to inspect meat products?

    Meat inspection can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes per pallet, depending on the product size and inspection requirements.

    Contact us for a fast, free and confidential assessment of the required timescale for your particular problem.

    How reliable are the inspection techniques?

    How reliable are the x-ray inspection techniques?

    AIS has many years’ of experience in providing specialist x-ray inspection services. We are ISO accredited to help you achieve compliance for potential recall incidents, HACCP and TACCP.

    Over 95% of our business is repeat business from long term clients, mainly within the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

    Reliability can differ due to many factors. We will always give a clear and honest appraisal of what is achievable and be prepared to demonstrate that to you at any time.

    Request a Free Sample Inspection for AIS to evaluate your product and problem.

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