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Quality assurance for the home & personal care sector

X-ray showing contaminant in personal care product

‘Home and personal care’ covers a vast range of products and packaging technologies, all of which come with their own specific quality problems.

Our service is designed to help you ensure quality and gain compliance.

We offer fast and cost-effective x-ray inspection service for home & personal care products

AIS’ advanced x-ray technology offers a higher level of performance than your on-line equipment. It can be configured to simultaneously detect contaminants, missing items or manufacturing faults in packaged liquids, creams, pastes or deodorants.

Our home and personal care products x-ray inspection service is fast and reliable – even for elaborately packaged and multi-pack goods.

Please contact us for a fast and confidential assessment for your particular packaging and problem.

We may be able to inspect the product when it is in a case or carton format, depending on the quality issue or contaminant and the size / homogeneity of the product itself.

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Without unpacking or disassembling the goods

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What can our x-ray inspection service detect?

We can quickly and accurately identify quality and safety issues in almost any home and personal care item:

  • 0.2mm stainless steel fragments in cream
  • Small metal fragments, even in packaging containing metal parts
  • Incorrectly assembled device such as pump spray
  • Incomplete multi-pack, missing components or voiding
  • Missing or part tablet in blister pack
  • Missing instruction leaflet or items trapped in seal
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Effective recall prevention for the home & personal care sector

Our personal care product x-ray inspection service is always confidential.

Avoid expensive product recalls with our quality x-ray inspection service, available at a simple per-unit cost.

When an incident occurs, we offer a rapid response and evaluation. Our highly trained and experienced team will ensure your goods are back on the market faster than any other inspection company.

Why choose us?

ISO accredited

We are the largest and most established x-ray inspection and product recovery provider in Europe, achieving ISO 9001 in 1999.

ISO accredited

Certified to operate a Quality Management System

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Certified since 1999

Premier in Europe to achieve ISO 9001

We are ISO accredited to operate a Quality Management System for the Home & Personal Care industry.

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    Home & Personal Care FAQs

    What types of packaging can AIS inspect?

    What types of packaging can AIS inspect?

    Pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal care products can be packaged in an unlimited list of packaging types including cartons, boxes, bottles, tubes and sachets. Products can be in multi-packs, elaborately packaged bottles, boxes and gift sets, vacuum packed and security sealed.

    Our x-ray inspection systems can be configured to inspect each of these, whether packaged in metal foil and composite materials, glass packaging or even full cases of products.

    We can also inspect electronic medical devices and personal care items, food and many other products.

    What type and size of things can AIS detect?

    What type and size of things can AIS detect?

    As a general statement, x-ray can identify anything which has a reasonable absorption differential to the product in which it is surrounded. Typically, we detect foreign objects such as metal and glass fragments or higher density plastics and rubber compounds.

    The size of object that we can identify is influenced by the density and size of the contaminant and the product, the position of the contaminant within the pack, and the type of packaging.

    Detection of missing items and quality concerns is subject to similar factors.

    Find out more about our highest resolution scanner, the Micron Scan.

    We will always give a clear and honest appraisal of what is achievable and be prepared to demonstrate that to you at any time.

    Request a Free Sample Inspection for AIS to evaluate your product and problem.

    How long does it take to inspect the product?

    How long does it take to inspect the product?

    The inspection time is dependent on the target defect or contaminant, the product and pack size, if it can be inspected in a case or has to be stripped from the case, re-shrunk wrapped etc.

    A pallet can be as quick as 5 minutes or as long as two hours.

    Request a Free Sample Inspection for AIS to evaluate your product and the likely timescale required for your particular problem.

    You can also call us – we can often evaluate the issue on the phone.

    Is the x-ray equipment for hire?

    Can I hire x-ray inspection equipment?

    Yes, some of our customisable x-ray inspection systems and metal detectors are available to rent at your premises. These can be hired, subject to availability, on flexible contract periods – usually for an immediate or short term requirement.

    Find out more about X-Ray Inspection Equipment Hire.

    White Papers

    Reasons for an X-Ray Inspection Programme

    There is currently no legal requirement for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to implement an x-ray inspection programme, however the benefits will far outweigh the financial investment.

    The potential costs of failure involve product and packaging waste, damaged machinery and loss of output. The costs of an eventual product recall could easily escalate.

    This white paper justifies implementation of a well-designed x-ray inspection programme – from protecting profitability, consumer welfare and brand reputation to ensuring product quality plus assisting in compliance and due diligence defence.

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    How to Prevent Product Recalls

    How to Prevent Product Recalls?

    As production speeds increase, so does the risk of defective products reaching retailer shelves. A product recall is a huge financial risk that can be often be avoided with proper planning and equipment for product quality control.

    This white paper covers the reasons and potential costs of a recall as well as best practice to minimise risk.

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