Quality inspection and  detection of critical defects in clothes and textiles

X-ray image of broken needles in sweatshirt


Clothing quality control is essential for consumer safety and satisfaction. A needle left in clothes during the manufacturing process is considered a critical defect that poses a threat to consumer safety.

X-ray inspection is the fastest and most accurate method of carrying out quality checks on clothing or any textile goods. Our cost-effective service will help you gain customer satisfaction and protect your brand.

Avoid a costly recall

Premium clothing brands manufactured outside the United Kingdom and may be subject to less stringent safety and quality checks. Faster production speeds increase the likelihood of a defect or broken needle in the garment or seam, yet this commonplace fault could be devastating to your brand’s reputation.

The inspection service is provided on a per-item basis and at very low cost. It is not usually necessary to unpack the goods to detect contaminants or faults.

Clothes inspection is available at the end of the manufacturing process or at any stage of product recovery. Our x-ray inspection systems can detect broken needles and potentially dangerous parts, as well as certain other quality issues.

Typical capabilities of clothing x-ray inspection include:

  • Needles or other dangerous metal fragments, often detected in garment seams
  • Missing or broken zips, buckles, buttons and fastenings
  • Incorrectly sewn items or missing parts including clothes tags

While-you-wait evaluation

AIS’ highly trained and experienced team will provide a rapid response to potential clothing recalls; plus we offer free while-you-wait sample evaluations.

Request a free sample inspection or contact us in absolute confidence to find out more.