Reliable inspection of canned food to detect contaminants and manufacturing faults

X-ray inspection of canned food and contaminant

The process of preserving food in metal cans has existed since the early 19th-century and is now one of the world’s most popular food packaging methods.

AIS’ canned food inspection service is highly cost-effective to help manufacturers achieve regulatory compliance as well as manage a potential recall crisis.

Routine inspection to ensure food quality

AIS’ advanced x-ray inspection technology can accurately identify small contaminants such as glass, bone and even metal in canned food – without removing the cans from the cases.

We can deliver a higher level of detection than your on-line equipment with high resolution x-ray sensors, able to find metal fragments as small as a 0.4mm wire in a single can.

We can simultaneously identify common quality issues such as under-fill, damaged cans and manufacturing faults.

A rapid response to potential food recalls

Our canned food inspection service is fast and cost-effective, from the moment you contact us.

When an incident occurs, AIS will provide an immediate response and evaluation. Our equipment allows very rapid inspection and turn-around, to ensure your products are safely back on the market as fast as possible.

Typical examples of our x-ray inspection and contaminant detection services for canned food:

  • Stone, glass, metal and bone detection
  • In-case inspection for filler nozzles and metal fragments down to 1mm sphere
  • Inspection of single cans for smaller contaminants down to 0.4mm
  • Damaged cans and manufacturing faults
  • Under-fill and low-sauce fill detection
  • Ensure quality standards when a CCP has failed

AIS is ISO accredited to help food manufacturers and suppliers achieve regulatory compliance including HACCP and TACCP.

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