AIS is certified to operate a Quality Management System and ISO accredited to help manufacturers meet the product safety standards of HACCP, TACCP, GFSI & GMP.

Our inspection procedures offer the ultimate in detection capabilities to confirm whether your product is safe to go back into the distribution chain, providing total assurance when a CCP has been compromised or should your on-line system fail to detect a contaminant.

We offer you our extensive knowledge regarding regulatory compliance and will consider every element of the inspection process – so we can customise it to suit your specific problem and product – and preventing the occurrence of either hazards or malicious threats to your brand and consumers.

AIS was the first product inspection service provider in Europe to achieve ISO 9001 in 1999.

AIS is certified by SAI Global to standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 for “The inspection, segregation and re-packing of products and components, including food, textiles and electrical components on the company premises, using X-ray technology”. View AIS’ ISO Certificate of Registration

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