AIS’ x-ray inspection services offer the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective solution to a wide range of potential recall and quality issues.

X-rays were discovered over 100 years ago and remain one of the most powerful wavelengths for revealing the internal structure of many things in our everyday lives.

X-ray inspection images are as detailed as an x-ray of the human body, able to highlight the tiniest of physical contaminants inside a product – providing the contaminant is denser than the product itself – such as fragments of sieve wire in food or broken needles inside toys. Modern x-ray inspection systems can also perform quality checks, both for regulatory compliance (on your production line) or in a crisis situation, where rapid retrieval of defective products is essential.

Although we cannot guarantee to offer a solution in every situation, we will be happy to discuss your requirement in absolute confidence, to assess whether we can help.

Find out more about the capabilities of our specialist x-ray equipment, food x-ray inspection and product inspection services, or contact us for further information.

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