AIS’ inspection services are designed to help ensure the quality of your products and gain compliance.

AIS can ensure routine quality control as well as provide the ideal solution to a potential recall problem for a vast number of manufacturing industries.

There are several methods of inspection that can be carried out at various stages of production to ensure the quality of your products.
Pre-production inspection is useful for checking raw materials and components to prevent quality issues later. Inspection during production, often referred to as “DUPRO”, allows for checking goods that go through various production processes, or products that may be vulnerable to defects. However, no stage of production is as important to verify product quality and safety as when the product is complete; often referred to as final inspection.

X-ray inspection offers the most accurate and cost-effective solution to quality control at the end of production: the internal structure, assembly and components are all visible, even within the packaging.

It also provides the fastest and most reliable method to determine whether your product is safe to go back into the distribution chain should a quality issue occur.

Suited to quality inspection for food and a vast number of electrical products, toys, pharmaceuticals and clothing, we can customise the inspection process to suit your specific problem and product.

AIS is certified to operate a Quality Management System and ISO accredited to help manufacturers meet international product safety standards such as GFSI, GMP, HACCP and TACCP.

We offer you our extensive knowledge regarding regulatory compliance, providing total assurance of product quality and safety if a CCP has been compromised. Find out more: Why Choose AIS?

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