AIS’ product safety testing services are fast, reliable and confidential, to help you avoid safety scares and costly product recalls.

The thought of releasing an unsafe product into the market is most company’s worst nightmare. No responsible manufacturer or distributor would risk consumer safety or brand integrity, but the costs of scrapping or destroying the products can be enormous, and not restricted to the lost value of a particular product batch. If the faulty items are seasonal or part of a pre-planned product launch, expenses can easily multiply.

AIS are highly experienced in the detection of quality and safety issues in a vast range of products and packaging types. Our x-ray systems can be configured to each product and problem to ensure the highest sensitivity and reliability, to establish the safe product units and reject the unsafe units automatically.

Our inspection equipment can deliver a far higher level of accuracy than your on-line equipment for a broad range of potential safety hazards; our product safety testing methods are both fast and cost-effective plus we offer while-you-wait evaluation.

Request a free and confidential trial of our product safety testing service by providing a product sample: Free Sample Inspection

Whether you suspect foreign bodies in food, broken needles in toys or clothes, missing or broken electrical components or any of a host of other product safety related concerns please contact us to see if we can assist.