AIS is ISO accredited to help you achieve the governmental and retailer requirements of food and product recall incidents, including HACCP and TACCP.

Product recalls are a feature of everyday life; it can be food, pharmaceuticals, toys, electrical goods or even cars –┬áthe list is virtually endless. In these situations, a ‘crisis response plan’ is crucial to define the immediate steps to implement to protect consumers from harm and then bring the product back to the market safely and as quickly as possible.

AIS is frequently involved in crisis services for food and product recovery and potential recalls. We are able to screen food or products rapidly using multiple x-ray systems, very often starting within 24 hours of the client making contact, thereby enabling them to safely release inspected products back to the market instantaneously.

Alternatively, if a CCP has been compromised or an identified item from the manufacturing process has been ‘lost’ into the product we only need to inspect until we recover that item; the client can then release all of the product.

AIS’ product recovery service is a key part of many companies’ crisis management planning and has prevented many food and product safety recalls as well as minimising the impact of them when they do occur.

Contact us in absolute confidentiality to find out more about our potential recall and crisis services and how we can help to protect your brand’s integrity.

You can also request a free trial of our product recall & recovery service by providing a product sample: Free Sample Inspection