The most advanced x-ray inspection equipment in the industry

All our machines are maintained to the highest standard to ensure maximum product safety and quality.

At AIS premises, we use high-resolution x-ray systems that incorporate the latest high resolution silicon arrays and medical imaging sensors. These machines be customised to your individual requirements to solve virtually any quality or contamination problem, and achieve extremely high levels of detection performance – even in the most demanding of product applications.

We provide single item and whole case inspection and can often inspect the goods without unpacking.

We are able to accurately detect foreign bodies, missing components and packaging or product defects with a resolution down to 0.1mm.

Conventional conveyor based and “drop through” metal detectors are also available and certain x-ray inspection equipment is available to hire.

Ongoing investment in our technology – coupled with the intensive training of our technicians – ensures that AIS will put your product back into distribution faster than any other company.

Introducing two new scanners, exclusive to AIS X-Ray

AIS launched two new x-ray machines in August 2018, to provide the highest resolution x-ray inspection service available in the UK food industry.

The new scanners are designed to satisfy manufacturers’ demands for increasingly sophisticated and sensitive x-ray inspection capabilities.

The superior Micron Scan offers a resolution 225 times more powerful than a standard food inspection system. The Ultra Scan offers a resolution 15 times more powerful than a standard system and can be installed at your own manufacturing premises.

AIS X-Ray Micron Scan

AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan