AIS’ inspection technology can quickly and accurately detect metal contaminants in food and many other products

Metal contamination is a common safety risk in food, pharmaceuticals, clothing and toys – for many potential reasons and causes.

AIS offer two types of metal detection:

  • Metal detectors are highly customisable to accurately find a broad range of metal contaminants in many common packaging types
  • X-ray inspection equipment offers even greater sensitivity than conventional metal detection, plus the ability to “ignore” metal or metallic packaging – allowing reliable detection of metal contamination in canned or foil-wrapped food or missing metal components

AIS’ x-ray equipment is also customisable to allow for simultaneous detection of non-metal contaminants within almost any packaging material. X-ray offers higher sensitivity for inspecting certain products such as cheese and soft food, plus a higher detection performance for thin wire or metal objects such as sewing needles.

Whether a CCP has failed or a product batch must be urgently tested for a suspect contaminant, our x-ray inspection service offers the most reliable and cost-effective solution – often without unpacking the goods.

Virtually everything can be x-rayed, and our experienced metal detection team are available for routine quality checks or managing a potential recall crisis.

Modern x-ray technology offers contamination detection down to 0.2mm in many food packaging types, such as metal contaminants in foil and glass packaging or canned and frozen foods. In fact, we can reliably detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in any product that has a lower radiographic absorption than the contaminant, which may include the smallest sieve wire fragments in food or broken needles in clothes or toys.

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Our food metal detectors are also available to hire at your own premises, pre-customised to your particular problem and product.