AIS’ x-ray technology provides fast and accurate glass detection with a resolution down to 2.0mm

Glass containers are prone to a variety of quality and safety issues and glass shards in food or pharmaceutical products is an obvious consumer health risk.

Detection of glass via x-ray is the most reliable and cost-effective method to ensure the quality of your goods and its presentation. AIS x-ray technology can detect glass contaminants and provide simultaneous quality inspection – identifying common container faults such as broken bottle necks.

Whether a CCP has failed or a product batch needs to be urgently tested, our x-ray inspection service can be customised to your product and problem. It offers a fast turnaround for many container types – often without unpacking the goods – and we offer a free and immediate evaluation to guarantee the highest possible accuracy.

X-ray detection is possible down to 2.0 mm in many foods and pharmaceutical products, and could identify glass, rubber or stone chips in condiments and sauces or premium toiletries in glass bottles.

Many contaminant types and glass packaging defects can be detected using x-ray technology, and our experienced glass detection team are available to assess the suitability of your product or manage a potential recall crisis should the need arise.

Request a free evaluation of our glass detection capabilities by providing a product sample: Free Sample Inspection

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