Frequently asked questions about our equipment.

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Yes it is. You can hire our customisable x-ray inspection systems and metal detectors on flexible contract periods, usually for an immediate or short term requirement.

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AIS will assist in meeting health & safety regulatory requirements to enable your users to operate the hire equipment.

Ultra-high resolution sensors cannot match the high speeds used on modern production lines.

The AIS X-Ray Micron Scan is designed to operate off-line and be operated by AIS’ expert staff to achieve its optimum accuracy.

The AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan can be deployed at near-line and off-line locations.

All systems consist of a conveyor cabinet and x-ray generator plus high powered PC and software for x-ray detection and image processing.

To take full advantage of the higher resolution, the image processing hardware and software must be able to handle the data rate that the detectors produce. The hardware and software within the Micron Scan and Ultra Scan are optimised to handle these high data rates.

The main differentiator is the resolution achieved with the use of advanced linear sensors:
Standard x-ray inspection equipment for the food industry typically records 140,000 data points in a 15 x 15cm product.

AIS X-Ray Micron Scan achieves a resolution of 9,000,000 data points in the same sample. This additional resolution ensures detection of incredibly small foreign bodies and is much less sensitive to the orientation and location of the contaminant within the product.

AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan offers a resolution of 600,000 data points in the same sample of 15 x 15cm.