AIS’ x-ray inspection technology can quickly and accurately detect physical contaminants (foreign bodies) within food and many other products; here we explain more about these capabilities:

The term ‘contamination’ covers a whole host of potential negative situations, especially for manufacturers of food, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

Modern x-ray detection technology can detect virtually any inclusion, physical contaminant or change within an item when the x-ray absorption of that feature differs enough from the background material. Such contaminants may include metal fragments within toys or glass shards in food products, as well as less dangerous quality issues such as product agglomerate in bakery goods. Find out more in How do X-ray systems work?

Virtually everything can be x-rayed, and our x-ray inspection equipment is highly customisable to a broad range of products and contaminants.

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AIS can potentially help you with finding any physical contaminants that have higher radiographic absorption than the product in which it has been embedded. Typically the contaminants we detect are made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, stone, bone, shell and certain higher density plastics and rubber compounds.

These physical contaminants are very different to other forms of food ‘contamination’ often in the news, such as microbial or bacteriological contamination, which we are unable to detect via x-ray inspection. X-ray is also unable to detect taint, flavour or colour change.

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