The Ultra Scan offers a resolution 15 times more powerful than a standard food inspection system1.

The x-ray scanner (although not as powerful as the new Micron Scan) uses advanced contaminant detection technology capable of detecting metal fragments of 0.4mm and a large range of non-metallic substances as low as 1.2 mm:

  • Glass, stone and calcified bone fragments
  • Specific rubbers and plastics such as PTFE

The AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan can be hired to install in your manufacturing facility to provide a much higher level of detection than your on-line equipment.

High resolution x-ray of contaminant in meat product

The new scanner is typically deployed at near-line and off-line locations, as ultra-high resolution sensors cannot match the high speeds used on production lines.

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For the ultimate level of sensitivity and detection performance, find out more about the AIS X-Ray Micron Scan.

  1. The following resolution can be achieved in a 15cm x 15cm product sample:
    Typical food inspection system – 140,000 data points
    AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan – 6000,000 data points
    AIS X-Ray Micron Scan – 9,000,000 data points