Our newest and most advanced scanner offers a resolution 225 times more powerful than a standard food inspection system1.

The Micron Scan can detect glass fragments down to 1.0mm and stainless steel wire to 0.1mm as well as stone, calcified bone and certain rubbers and plastics.

X-ray of 0.1mm stainless steel wire in food product

The extremely high resolution of this scanner is achieved using advanced linear sensors that can accurately detect minute contaminants. Its detection capabilities are increased by the sensor being less dependent on the orientation and location of a foreign body within the product.

The AIS X-Ray Micron Scan excels at the inspection of loose product such as flours or powders where the contaminants are likely to be extraordinarily small and difficult to detect.

This level of detection is not possible on today’s high speed production lines. The Micron Scan is designed to operate off-line and – to achieve optimum accuracy – be operated by our expert staff.

Quality assurance, assured

Our inspection service allows you to outsource or verify your quality assurance procedure for a challenging contaminant issue.

Potentially affected product batches can be delivered to AIS, inspected, and any safe product returned to the shelves in a very short turn-around.

Request an immediate evaluation

We offer a reasonably immediate appraisal of what can be achieved with your product or particular container. Simply send a sample of your product for inspection, or call us – we can often evaluate the issue on the phone.

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For a high resolution x-ray scanner that is available to hire at your own premises, find out more about the AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan.

  1. The following resolution can be achieved in a 15cm x 15cm product sample:
    Typical food inspection system – 140,000 data points
    AIS X-Ray Ultra Scan – 6000,000 data points
    AIS X-Ray Micron Scan – 9,000,000 data points