AIS can offer an efficient and speedy product inspection service for food in foil packaging, even if the product is frozen.


Metal foil and foil composite packaging is very popular with the food manufacturing industry, including sachets, semi-rigid containers and plastic and foil trays. As each of these packaging types incorporate metal within their manufacture, potential metal contaminants can be difficult to detect using conventional metal detection techniques, particularly a stainless steel or non-metallic contaminant.

Our x-ray inspection equipment can be customised for your particular product and problem, including metal detection in foil packaging; whilst simultaneously offering the following inspection services:

  • Detect large metal or dense fragments in whole case inspection
  • Detect small metal, glass, stone, or bone fragment in individual packs
  • Fill level detection in cases and individual packs
  • Detect missing components in multi-component trays
  • Detect electrical cable covering and other dense plastics and rubber
  • Ensure continuity of quality standards when on-line CCP has failed

When an incident has occurred in foil wrapped and composite packaged products, AIS provide a higher level of detection performance than your on-line equipment can deliver. Please contact us in absolute confidence if you would like to find out more.